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You’re a designer who wants to become an expert at designing mobile experiences. And who wouldn't? Mobile is the future. And becoming an expert in anything means knowing your tools.

But do you know how to create custom Table Views that will handle your creative vision? How non-system fonts are imported and their limitations? How Auto Layout can scale or crush your designs? What it takes to create custom spinners, loading screens, headers and buttons?

A video course by designers, for designers.

Designing for mobile without knowing these details is like not knowing how CSS works when making a web app.

The thing is, you know you need to learn this stuff. But it's daunting and overwhelming. We’ve been through it ourselves. And if you’re like us, you’ve gotten sick and tired of sifting through monotonous, generic technical documents not written with the needs of a designer in mind. Wasting hours of your spare time after coming home from your tiring, full-time job. And buying flashy-yet-limp courses that confuse more than help.

What could you accomplish if you knew Xcode now?

What if you could get your designs working, fast, in native code, on your own? You'd see your lifeless, static assets come to life, improve your process, and become a better designer because of it. Plus, you'd be spared the annoying side glances you get from developers when you ask them to "move that button three pixels to the left."

It's true that learning Xcode and Swift can be more frustrating than explaining to your grandma what you do for a living. But you can't afford not to learn this skill. Especially if you can do it in less than a week.

What makes this course different?

Xcode for Designers is explicitly created for designers who want Xcode 6 to serve your needs — not an engineer's. You'll learn exactly what you need to turn your static designs into native, interactive apps that can be run on iOS devices. All in less than a week, and all through 25 amazingly-detailed and fun videos.

And we know how design processes differ because we've done the research. So when it’s relevant, we’ll point out the ways you can integrate this new skill into both your — and your team's — workflows.

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